Terms & Conditions

  1. In order to open an account in our company and to access our services, one must necessarily be over 18 years old.
  2. Each person can open only one account in RoyalReelsPokies.live. The company has the right to close down the accounts of any client who has opened a number of accounts in his/ her name, or in different names, in order to deceive the company. RoyalReelsPokies.live has also the right to cancel any transaction associated with an attempt to deceive the company. In such cases it is at the sole discretion of the company to put all the tickets equal to the unit and to return the money, after deducting the expenses.
  3. The minimum deposit per account is 10 AUD, or any equivalent amount in any other currency.
  4. All deposits require a 3x wagering before a withdrawal can be requested.
  5. To wager a bonus, you need to make bets for an amount 30 times the bonus amount.
  6. RoyalReelsPokies.live has the right to deny, in whole or in part, any betting.
    1. All the clients shall always ensure:
    • That they fill-in their true residence address
    • That they register in their own name
    • That they fill-in their true e-mail address
    • That they fill-in their true residence telephone and cell phone numbers
    • That they do not act for somebody else's interest, or on somebody else's account
    • That they do not deposit money that comes from criminal activities
    • That they do not use their account for money 'laundering'.
  1. Restrictions placed by the player:
  • Any registered client may send a written, or an electronic notification:
  • excluding himself/ herself from the game for a certain, or an indefinite time period.
  • Any client who has set a limit, or has requested his/ her exclusion, under such circumstances, he/ she may modify the above limits, or revoke his/ her exclusion, always upon a written, or an electronic notification, sent to RoyalReelsPokies.live. The activation of requested changes, such as the increase of the limits, or the revocation of a client's exclusion, will be made 7 days after the request has been received.
  • the activation of requested changes, such as the decrease of the limits, or a client's exclusion, will be made directly, upon the reception of the request.
  • RoyalReelsPokies.live will accept no wagers exceeding the limits that have been set, by players subject to the above restrictions.
  1. The minimum bet is 10 cents of a AUD, or any equivalent amount in any other currency.
  2. All the profits will be credited in the RoyalReelsPokies.live client's account.
  3. RoyalReelsPokies.live is in no case responsible for problems related to problematic PCs, telecommunication lines or internet connections, nor for play methods implemented by clients who are not approved by our company. In spite of the fact that all the necessary measures are taken, in order to protect the Software against viruses, we cannot and will not guarantee you that your PC will not be affected, with such thing resulting to the interruption of our services. The services will be rendered again, within the reasonable time period required for the restoration of any damage you may suffer, after the interruption of our services.
  4. By accessing the Internet Site Addresses of RoyalReelsPokies.live you accept the terms and requirements of this agreement. If you do not agree with the above terms and requirements, please, do not access our internet site addresses.
  5. As a requirement for the use of the Internet Site Addresses of RoyalReelsPokies.live, one must guarantee that the internet site addresses will not be used for illegal purposes, or purposes violating the above terms and requirements.
  6. If any part of this agreement becomes void, or does not conform to the applying laws, including, without limitation, the guarantees and the liabilities stipulated above, an applying term, matching the intentions of the initial purpose will prevail over such void or non-conforming part of the agreement, while the rest of the agreement will remain in force.
  7. This agreement is subject to the Laws of Curacao.
  8. By accepting the terms and conditions of our company, the user accepts that our company has the right to conduct any identification and verification checks, which deems necessary and request the user to send further identification and verification documents. The user also agrees to provide all the information that will be required for the authentication check. During and until the identification checks are completed, our company reserves the right to suspend or restrict the user's account.
    Where deposits/withdrawals are made by electronic payment methods (eg electronic wallet), the customer is required to use his personal electronic payment account. In the event that third-party electronic payment accounts are used, then all winnings made after the deposit with this electronic payment account are canceled and the deposits are refunded to the third-party electronic payment account after deducting any costs. Our company also reserves the right to deactivate the client's account if there is an infringement of this rule.
  9. Royal Reels is making a great effort to safeguard the rights of its employees and to provide them with a more enjoyable working environment as possible. For this reason, if there is a violent, indecent or/and offensive attitude of a client towards our employees, the Company reserves the right to suspend or/and disable a user's account.
  10. Unfair wins obtained via martingale and similar systems will be deleted from user accounts.
  11. The relative contract is concluded between 1) Royal Reels (license holder) and Digibrite PA (payment processing company) and 2) the end customer.
  12. We dont allow the people to make registration below:
  • non-commercial organizations and public institutions and organization.
  • customers under the age of 18 years of age.
  • people under the influence of drugs and alcohol or ect.